Strongman & Strongwoman

Australia's strongest!

Strongman is one of the most exciting sports on the planet, requiring a combination of strength, skill, endurance, power and strategy. Every event is designed to push the competitors to their absolute limits, challenging their physical strength and mental toughness. 

The Australia’s Strongest Man Competition wa first established in 1993 and quickly became the most coveted title in Australian strength sports. Held annually, the competition is an invitational event featuring some of the most spectacular displays of strength seen anywhere in the world. 

With the addition of Australia’s Strongest Woman in 2017 the competition we now have is the country’s greatest athletes on the same stage vying for the title. Australia’s Strongest has long been the platform for the countries greatest strength athletes to progress into competitions, such as The Worlds Strongest Man & Woman and The Arnold Pro Strongman & Strongwoman World Series among others.

Fitfest will host a MASSIVE amateur Strongman and Strongwoman event over 2 days, brought to you by the team behind Australia’s Strongest, and the Arnold Strongman.

More information coming soon!