Pro Raw returns!

ProRawPowerlifting is the premier powerlifting event in Australia, and amongst the top 3 powerlifting events in the world. ProRawPowerlifting began as a professional competition and has been awarding prize money since the competition began in 2010. The event moved to the Arnold Sports Festival in 2016 with ProRawEight, and has grown exponentially in both size and popularity ever since.

ProRawPowerlifting is different from other competitions. It reduces the amount of weight divisions from 19 to only 8, concentrating the level of competition. There are 3 women’s classes – 60kg, 75kg and 75kg+ and 8 mens classes – 80kg, 95kg, 110kg, 125kg and 125kg+. There are also a number of ‘no age’ divisions. In those, teenagers and even masters lifters can win. Strong doesn’t discriminate!

More information coming soon!